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Welcome to Hello Scoot’: Your gateway to discovering Papeete

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the vibrant streets of Papeete with Hello Scoot' , your trusted partner in scooter and car rentals. Offering a seamless blend of convenience and adventure, our services are tailored to enhance your exploration of French Polynesia’s mesmerizing landscapes and bustling city life. Whether you're seeking the thrill of a scooter ride or the comfort of a car, Hello Scoot' stands ready to meet your every need.

Renting a Scooter in Papeete

Discover the joy of cruising along the scenic avenues of Papeete with our eco-friendly shared electric mopeds. Hello Scoot' offers an innovative, self-service platform, making it effortless to book your moped online. This service provides an efficient way to explore the heart of Tahiti and Moorea, ensuring your adventures are boundless. Here’s how renting a scooter with Hello Scoot' can enhance your experience in French Polynesia :

Unlimited Range Without the Worry

Say goodbye to range anxiety thanks to our pioneering swapping stations. Located conveniently across Papeete, including near the Faaa Airport and popular tourist locations, these stations allow you to swap a depleted battery for a fully charged one in merely 30 seconds. This service, included in your rental price, ensures you can explore from the bustling city center of Papeete to the serene beaches of French Polynesia without interruption.

Eco-Friendly Travel

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our mopeds, which are powered by solar energy. This initiative is part of our effort to preserve the pristine beauty of French Polynesia, allowing you to explore this enchanting location with a minimal carbon footprint. By choosing Hello Scoot' , you're opting for a mode of transport that respects the environment of these magnificent islands.

Seamless Convenience

With the Hello Scoot’ app, the power to unlock your next adventure is at your fingertips. Whether you're landing at Papeete Faaa Airport and looking to explore the island of Tahiti, or you're planning a day trip around Moorea, our app simplifies the process. You can instantly book and unlock your vehicle, or choose the "Later" mode to reserve a moped at a station of your choice, ensuring flexibility in your travel plans.

Our service is not just about mobility; it’s about providing an unparalleled experience in Papeete and beyond. With competitive prices, transparent costs, and no hidden fees, Hello Scoot' stands out as the premier choice for scooter rentals in French Polynesia. Whether you're here to soak in the vibrant life of Papeete city or the tranquil beauty of its surrounding islands, a Hello Scoot' moped is your key to an unforgettable adventure.

Explore Papeete and its enchanting surroundings with ease, comfort, and style. Book your electric moped with Hello Scoot' today and embark on a journey that combines the thrill of discovery with the peace of mind that comes from a responsible, eco-friendly rental service.

Pricing and Offers

55F/min, with a special rate of 1990F for the first hour and 4990F for an entire day. Enjoy the convenience of 55F unlock fees, ensuring an affordable journey around Tahiti and Moorea.

Simplified Rental Process

Booking your scooter rental with Hello Scoot' is as effortless as the gentle Polynesian breeze. With our user-friendly online booking system available on both the Play Store and App Store, you can secure your preferred vehicle in just a few clicks. Whether you're picking up your rental from the Papeete Faaa Airport or any of our convenient locations across Papeete, our process is designed to get you on the road swiftly and without hassle.

Crafting Your Dream Vacation in Papeete

Papeete is not just a destination; it's the starting point of a dream vacation that Hello Scoot' aims to elevate. Our rental solutions are crafted to enrich your travel narrative, providing the liberty to explore French Polynesia's stunning landscapes, from the azure shores of Tahiti to Moorea's quaint pathways, at your own rhythm. The opportunity to rent a scooter simplifies the logistics of travel, allowing more time to immerse in the island's beauty, culture, and history.

Your Journey, Your Pace

Hello Scoot' believes in the philosophy of exploring at one's own pace. With a vehicle, travelers can design their itinerary, from sunrise at the Faaa Airport to sunset along the Polynesia city center, without the constraints of public transport schedules. This autonomy encourages spontaneous detours to lesser-known locales, ensuring your stay in Papeete is as unique as it is memorable.

Enjoying Dream Vacations in Papeete

Make your dream vacation in Papeete a reality with Hello Scoot' . Our offerings are designed to enhance your travel experience, providing the freedom to explore at your own pace. From the mesmerizing beaches of Tahiti to the charming streets of Moorea, your journey is bound to be unforgettable.

Your Partner, Hello Scoot' : Navigating French Polynesia with Ease

At Hello Scoot' , we see ourselves as far more than a mere rental service; we are your steadfast partner in the adventure that awaits you in the enchanting landscapes of Papeete and beyond. Our mission transcends the provision of rental options—it's about creating an eco-friendly, convenient, and economically accessible gateway to the wonders of French Polynesia.

Our comprehensive rental fleet, stationed strategically at key locations including the Papeete Faaa Airport and various points across Tahiti, ensures that your exploration of French Polynesia begins with ease and style. Whether you’re leaning towards the autonomy of a car rental to cruise the bustling streets of Papeete or the nimble agility of a scooter to weave through scenic locales, Hello Scoot' offers an unmatched blend of choices to suit your travel ethos.

Embrace the Hello Scoot' Experience

Eco-Friendly Commitment

Our fleet, charged with solar energy, underscores our dedication to preserving the pristine beauty of French Polynesia, ensuring your travel footprint is as light as the island breeze.

Strategic Locations

With pick-up points at the Papeete Faaa Airport, city center, and various other locations across Papeete and Tahiti, your journey begins moments after you land or decide to embark on a new adventure.

Diverse Fleet

From the sleek sophistication of our rental cars to the agile convenience of our scooters, each vehicle is selected to enhance your French Polynesia experience, whether it's navigating the streets of Papeete or exploring the outer reaches of Tahiti.

Transparent Pricing

Hello Scoot' stands out for its clear, competitive pricing structure. We believe in making our rates accessible, reflecting the average price points across Papeete and Tahiti, ensuring there are no surprises when you book with us.

Personalized Service

Visit us at our locations across Papeete and let's discuss your plans over a coffee or a coconut. Our team is eager to share insights and tips to enrich your Polynesian adventure.

Booking Made Simple

In a few clicks through our user-friendly platform, you can view deals and pick it up at your chosen location. Our seamless booking process is designed to ensure that your travel planning is as relaxed as your forthcoming vacation. Whether it’s the immediate need for a vehicle upon landing at the Papeete Faaa Airport or the desire to explore the island at your leisure, we are prepared to meet your demands with efficiency and a warm Polynesian welcome.

Hello Scoot' invites you to be part of an extraordinary journey through Papeete and the broader French Polynesia. Our commitment to excellence, environmental stewardship, and providing value-driven rental solutions is unwavering. Let us be the foundation of your Polynesian adventure, crafting memories that will linger long after you’ve left our shores.

Questions and Answers: Your Guide to Renting in Papeete

How do I book a scooter in Papeete?
Booking your next rental scooter in Papeete is as simple as visiting our website or using the Hello Scoot' app available on both the Play Store and App Store. Whether you're at the Papeete Faaa Airport or anywhere within French Polynesia, you can select from our wide range of vehicles to find one that suits your needs. Just choose the vehicle you wish to rent, pick a location, and view the deal that best matches your requirements. Our booking process is designed to ensure you can rent or scooter with ease, prioritizing convenience and flexibility.
How does Hello Scoot' ensure a seamless rental experience?
Hello Scoot' is dedicated to providing a seamless rental experience through our user-friendly booking system, a wide range of vehicle options, and competitive pricing. We work closely with reputable rental companies to ensure high-quality vehicles and service. Our team is always ready to assist with any inquiries or support you may need, ensuring your experience in Papeete, from the airport to the city center and beyond, is enjoyable and stress-free.
What makes Hello Scoot' different from other rental services in Papeete?
Our commitment to sustainability, convenience, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Not only do we offer a broad selection of scooters that cater to various needs and preferences, but we also ensure eco-friendly options, like electric vehicles with charging included. Hello Scoot' is your partner in exploring the beauty of Papeete and French Polynesia, providing a unique blend of adventure and responsible travel.

Contact Us

For more information on our services or to address any specific questions, don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that your rental experience in Papeete is not just about moving from one location to another but about discovering the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes of French Polynesia in comfort and style. With Hello Scoot' , every rental is the start of a new adventure.