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About us

Hello scoot tahiti scooter

Our story

My name is Arthur CECCALDI, I am 31 years old and I fell in love with a Tahitian, Maria.

I have always been passionate about motor bikes, from a Yamaha Piwi when I was 5 years old to using a moped to get around during my studies in Indonesia. I have always loved riding a scooter or motorbike.

This is how I started the Hello Scoot’ project, with the desire to create an eco-friendly business while riding around as I have always loved and sharing it with as many people as possible. What better for a Tech for good project than Tahiti?

Hello scoot tahiti scooter

Why Hello Scoot’ ?

As Tahitians, on a daily basis, we mostly travel by car in Polynesia: we have air conditioning, we can put on some music and it is socially important to have a car.

But we’re often alone in this car.

As everyone does like me, alone in their car, I find myself in traffic jams on the RDO to go to work. And when I arrive in town, I often encounter parking problems, a space that is too small, or not available near where I am going. All of this has a strong ecological impact on Tahiti.

Why can’t I have a simpler life, a scooter in front of my house, with which I can move around with a friend, without having to refuel, which does not make noise for my neighbors and which does not pollute …

This is how the idea of Hello Scoot ‘was born. It is a solution that unclogs the roads in the most ecological way, while offering the island a simple and practical mobility solution.

Hello scoot tahiti scooter

Our values

Ecology: we charge our scooters with solar energy in order to have a service that is 100% respectful of our islands;

Inclusion: our prices are as affordable as a bus ticket, they include recharging and comprehensive insurance, plus additional costs for gasoline or cleaning;

Sharing: truly shared vehicles, used by different customers on the same day;

Tech for good: using technology for services that really change our lives.