Freedom to go everywhere with eco-friendly style in Tahiti 😍

$ 49.90
  1. 💡 I take my Hello Scoot’ through the Hello Scoot” app, and I PAUSE the rental and I keep the moped 24h for 4 990 F
  2. ✨ If I keep it less than 24h, I pay the best price : 49f/min or 4 990F / day
  3. 🔋 Need a new battery? Meet us at our agency, monday to fraidy from 8am to 5pm

⚠⚠⚠ If I end the rental, the rental starts over again on a new price

The rental starts when you unlock the moped and ends when you click “End the trip”. The pause time is billed at the same price.



OUR packages

You would rather have a traditional moped with a key? We got you !

Hello Scoot’ Card – 4900 f

Take a Hello Scoot’ anytime without your smartphone, and 50 minutes or 1 day + 1 GIFT !

How it works?

  • Order your card on
  • Get your card at our agency Hello Scoot’ Mamao at Papeete
  • Pass your card on the left side of the moped, it opens up and starts your trip
  • Once your trip done, pass it again and the moped locks itself and shut down, easy and simple !
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