How does it work?

Find a Hello Scoot’

Ours mopeds are parked in dedicated spots. All our mopeds are yellow like the sun and identified with their license plate number.

Book your Hello Scoot’

You have 20 minutes to reach your moped and unlock it. You can cancel the booking for free. Obviously, only the person whose driver’s license is on the app can drive!

Take your helmet and start your trip!

Once you are near the modep, you can unlock it. You can then get the helmets in the topcase and start to ride!





A little break? Everything is possible!

During your trip, you can pause your ride at any time to keep your modep for a little longer. During this break, you can turn off the modep and lock the top case.

Park your Hello Scoot’ and end your trip

When you are have arrived at your destination, put back the helmets in the top case and end your location. You receive an email with the price and details of your trip.

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